Also referred to as Podopaediatrics. Is your child having difficulty with foot or leg pain day to day or during school activities/ sport? We can assess and diagnose related issues during this appointment. 

Treatment Cost


Treatment Length


Is your child complaining of foot or lower limb pain?

Podopaediatric – This is an area of Podiatry focussing on the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal related problems in children. It is important to note that all children under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There are many reasons your child may be suffering with lower limb or foot pain. Our specialist team will be able to assess and identify any problems with:

⦁ Foot and lower limb posture
⦁ Muscle strength testing
⦁ Assessment of gait
⦁ Footwear assessment
⦁ Treatment plan discussion

What can I expect?
We will always take a A FULL AND THOROUGH HISTORY of the child’s presenting problem, activity level, developmental milestones as a baby, toddler and throughout growth. We will complete the assessment and discuss your treatment options with you. We sometimes require further investigations of the presenting issue and so other health professionals may also be involved in your child’s recovery.

Treatment can include:

Orthoses/ Insoles.
⦁ Taping.
Rehabilitation programmes (Exercises).
Possible onward referral or a Multidisciplinary approach to treatment.
Footwear and activity modification.