Core Podiatry / Chiropody Care

The Foot MOT. Core podiatry encompasses all methods of foot health management including treatment of the nails and skin as well as assessment of vascular/neurological status.

Consultation details...

Treatment of the skin and nails.

Consultation Length

Up to 30 minutes

Consultation Cost

£58.00 - £65.00

What can I expect?
Following review of medical history, Treatment of the following:

Nail problems: thickened or ingrowing toenails

Nail Trauma

Fungal Nail and Skin Infection



Dry skin conditions: Eczema, Psoriasis

Cracked heels

Verruca lesions

Foreign body removal

Suspected infection

Blister management

Diabetic foot care

Rheumatoid Arthritis foot care


How often may you need this service?

A return period for your next visit will be discussed at each individual appointment to ensure your foot health is kept optimum for your needs. We usually recommend 4, 6 or 8 week intervals between treatments.


4, 6 or 8 week intervals

Are you a new patient?
You will need an initial consultation...

Initial Consultation (New Patient)

Every new patient will require an initial consultation (first appointment). In this appointment we will conduct a full medical history, details of your medication, allergies and any previous related treatment.

Further treatments may come following your appointment...

Verrutop Verrucae Treatment

Verrutop Verrucae Treatment

Verrutop is a new type of wart treatment. Unlike Cryotherapy or other chemical treatments, Verrutop does not act by freezing or burning the tissue. Instead it denatures the viral protein and desiccates the wart tissue, which then falls off the skin, leaving intact skin underneath.
SWIFT Verrucae Treatment

SWIFT Verrucae Treatment

Swift is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licenced for the general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe to treat the affected tissue.
Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery

Treatment for ingrown, distorted and/or fungal nails. An offending section of an ingrown nail will often cause pain, inflammation and in some cases, infection. It is therefore imperative that this problem is treated in a timely and efficient manner to avoid further complication.
Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment

Lacuna treatment involves using a specially designed micro burr and painlessly drilling small holes within the nail plate across the fungal infected area to expose the nail bed. Application of anti fungal spray (Lamisil 1%), is then able to pass through the small drilled holes which can effectively treat the point of infection under the nail.
Diabetic Foot Check (FREE)

Diabetic Foot Check (FREE)

People with diabetes should get a diabetic foot exam at least once a year. You may need an exam more often if your feet have any of the following symptoms: Tingling, Numbness, Pain, Burning sensation, Swelling, Pain and difficulty when walking
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Warm Wax Therapy

Warm Wax Therapy

This relaxing, rejuvenating and soothing treatment is the perfect post-podiatry treat. Warm wax therapy can be used in patients suffering from Dry skin, Callus, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. Why not treat a friend or family member with one of our signature vouchers.

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