Foot & Ankle Show February 2024

Zoe Wilson once again made a mark at the Foot & Ankle Show 2024 with her engaging presentations. She delivered two talks, one focusing on enhancing confidence and clinical excellence in private practice, and the other centered around the assessment, management, and establishment of a multidisciplinary team for Foot Drop. Both presentations were highly acclaimed by the audience.

Zoe has consistently been dedicated to advancing the field and informing newcomers to private practice about the numerous possibilities available for Podiatrists.

Zoe Wilson continues to establish herself as a prominent figure in the field of Foot Drop, gaining recognition for her expertise in managing and treating its symptoms. Clinicians from various locations seek her advice, and Zoe takes pride in witnessing the impact of her efforts, enabling podiatrists to explore the field more extensively.

Are you acquainted with anyone experiencing Foot Drop? Rest assured that you have come to the correct destination with ZW Clinics. Patients from various locations have sought out Zoe’s exceptional skills, and her dedication knows no bounds.

You will need to book in for an Initial MSK (Musculoskeletal) Consultation. You can book this online or alternatively you can contact the clinic on 0330 320 7282 or email us on

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