ZW Clinics stock a wide range of HOKA Footwear.

Treatment Cost

£125.00 - £180.00

Treatment Length


ZW Clinics are stockists of HOKA trainers.

Please contact us if you require a FREE fitting consultation where we can talk you through the range of different styles for various different foot types and uses.
HOKA is a widely recognised and recommended product by Podiatrist’s worldwide!


That is where we come in! Every member of our team has had specialist training on all the products we stock so any questions you have just fire away. HOKA will soon be available to buy on our website so stay tuned for this new SHOP!

Zoe has had a very close relationship with the brand ever since deciding to stock their vast range of shoes.

“I use the shoes for everything including my clinical work day, walking, running and so many other activities, I love that when I wear HOKA, my feet won’t hurt and that is a very powerful feeling!”
Zoe Wilson, Owner and founder of ZW Clinics.

With Meta-Rocker technology and maximal cushioning and support this shoe has a lot to offer anyone suffering with foot pain!

We have a wide variety of HOKA trainers available:
⦁ Different widths and half sizes available
⦁ Next day delivery on any style
⦁ Walking Boots Men’s and Women’s
⦁ Men’s offroad
⦁ Men’s road
⦁ Men’s recovery slide (sandal)
⦁ Women’s offroad
⦁ Women’s road
⦁ Women’s recovery slide (sandal)

All subject to availability

Social Media Competitions

"Keep an eye out on social media for a chance to win a pair of FREE pair of HOKA."