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ZW Clinics are in the heart of Cumbria. ZW Clinics are private podiatry clinics offering all your podiatry services the the highest standard. Founded in 2016 by Zoe Wilson, ZW Clinics has grown to two clinics 

Where is your Foot Pain?

Not sure which appointment you need? Let us help guide you to the right appointment. There is more to your feet then meets the eye. Click the link below and learn more about your presentation.

Our Services

Here at ZW Clinics we offer a wide range of consultation and treatment options. We have a service to suit everyone. We deal with a lot of different foot presentations every day. Call us to day if you want to understand anything more about the services we offer.

Meet the Team

Our helpful and professional staff have 30+ years of combined Podiatry experience. We are always here for you and your feet.

Our ZW Clinics

Our clinics are easy to find. The Kendal Clinic is down Blackhall Yard next to the Westmorland Shopping Centre and Multi-storey car park. The Kirkby Clinic is just north of Kirkby Lonsdale on the A65, opposite the Texico garage, 5 minutes from the M6.


What our patients think

We care about your experience. Here at ZW Clinics we are always trying to improve our services. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service that you will remember. Let us know what you think.

Excellent treatment and a great cup of coffee, too! Zoe offered a range of exercises alongside treatment that has dramatically reduced the pain I was experiencing in my heel from a running-related injury. I'd highly recommend the friendly, welcoming and supportive treatment offered at the Kirkby Lonsdale clinic. Many thanks!
Ian Grundy
I discovered Zoe on a visit to Kendal and I decided to book an appointment for an assessment. It was the best thing I ever done. Zoe listened. The assessment was excellent; I have always had lower back pain, as a result of one leg being shorter than the other. My gait was analyzed and Zoe suggested orthotics. Moulds were made of both feet. When they arrived they were properly fitted by Zoe. What a difference they have made! Lower back pain is not there. She has also been able to help with the pain I have in my big toe. I have been back for reviews and the same care and service has taken place. I live in Sheffield and it is definitely worth the journey to Kendal. Zoe is passionate about what she does and is extremely knowledgeable. Her service is second to none. I have since ordered a second set of orthotics to put in other footwear.
Very professional service from start to finish and- crucially, after 5 visits Zoe successfully cured my very painful plantar fasciitis. I am back running after only 4 weeks treatment-yay!! Zoe quickly diagnosed my problem using ultrasound and then provided me with an exercise programme to do at home ( e mailed to me with videos of each exercise). I then had 4,sessions of shock wave therapy which definitely paid off. I wanted the best and needed to get back on my feet quickly so was prepared to pay. The team at ZWF&A are super friendly and caring too. Thankyou!
Catherine Musetti
Cannot recommend Zoe and her friendly team at ZW foot and ankle enough. I have hyper mobility so have always had a lot of pain in my feet, especially working in hospitality standing up constantly. Prices are so reasonable considering this is a specialist service! Thank you Zoe! Can’t wait to return and continue my treatment.
Zoe and her team are very professional and efficient and above all friendly and easy to chat with to discuss lower limb problems. Zoe explains her diagnosis very clearly I would definitely recommend
Barbara Hughes
I have used these angels on a couple of occasions now and they are amazing! Thank you Zoe, Lucy, Jude & Vikki - Professional and precise they have managed to treat my feet and it really is miraculous. I don’t know how they do it because what seems like a big problem to me they sort out with ease! I can’t recommend Z.W Foot & Ankle highly enough, they can deal with anything!
Mark Butterworth
Without doubt, the best podiatrist in the country. Zoe was excellent and managed to fix my feet that I had been suffering with for a decade. After four wasted trips to other local podiatrists that proved a usless waist of money, she expertly diagnosed and looked after me. I could not recommend highly enough Zoe and her team.
Pete Mitchel
Zoe is absolutely amazing! She was recommended to me following many years of foot pain during cycling and even though she is a 6hr round trip away she managed to help me resolve my issues with only a couple of visits, some flexibility exercises and some very well made custom cycling insoles. I’ve just completed a 3hr ride with 1700m of climbing and had zero pain or hotspots afterwards. Genuinely can’t put into words how much of a positive difference Zoe has made to my cycling!! Thoroughly recommended!!
Aled Williams
From start to finish the service has been outstanding and Zoe knowledge about cycling too and understanding about it helped resolve my issue within weeks. Thanks again to all the staff at ZW
Kevin Murphy
I have been a patient of Zoe since August 2019 after injuring my right foot in a traffic accident. Zoe and Estelle have been very professional and friendly and have put themselves out to suit my busy lifestyle. I have been doing stretching exercises and now have a set of bespoke orthotics which I wear in my shoes and have been made to suit my feet On her advice I often wear Hoka trainers which are so comfortable and I am now half way through a treatment of 6 shockwave therapy sessions. The difference in pain levels since I started being seen by Zoe is amazing; down from a level of about 8 out ten to about a 2 out of ten. I would strongly recommend Zoe's services, she is very professional and I thank her for her advice and guidance.
Richard Parker
There is a product for everyone ranging from everyday foot care, dry cracked heels, dry skin, odour, aching joints and active feet on the move! None of our products contain synthetic or artificial ingredients, parabens or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). We use a combination of plant based ingredients and Beeswax is in most of our products.
Did you know lead podiatrist Zoe Wilson (owner of ZW Clinics) was the first podiatrist in the UK to stock HOKA and use them as part of treatments? Now Podiatry Clinics up and down the country are following the idea. Get the right expert advise and get the right shoe to suit your needs. Don't wait, call today to book a FREE 15 minute fitting appointment.
Our Custom Made orthotics are of the highest quality. Think you may need some orthotics? Book and appointment today. Zoe Wilson has prescribed these devises for over 10 years and now teaches and advises podiatrists in the industry on how to prescribe. There is a solution for everyone. Get a professionals advise.

Need Work Experience?

Are you a recent graduate, current graduate or thinking of taking up a career in podiatry? Get in touch so we can point you in the right direction. Here at ZW Clinics we are always looking to help educate and allow podiatrist in their professional development. ZW Clinics have had many students shadow in the clinic. Love the profession as much as we do! Contact us in the clinic…

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Still not found an answer to some of your questions? Look at our frequently asked questions section. Maybe there is an answer to one of your questions there. If you are still not sure then please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email or phone.

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