Every new patient will require an initial consultation (first appointment). In this appointment we will conduct a full medical history, details of your medication, allergies and any previous related treatment.

Treatment Cost

Varies, £75.00

Treatment Length


As a new patient at our practice we recommend this appointment. If you have multiple problems to discuss and treat, this appointment will give you the opportunity to discuss them with a health professional and formulate a plan for your ongoing care. For patients requiring Core Podiatry Needs such as immediate management of a corn, toenail or hard skin lesion, you will receive this in this appointment.
What can I expect?

Record of:
⦁ Full Medical History: Current or Past medical conditions or surgery
⦁ Full list of Current Prescription Medication will be required (please bring this to your appointment if not completed in pre appointment questionnaire).
⦁ Vascular assessment which includes palpation of pulses, an assessment of overall lower limb health or if required Doppler assessment or ankle pressure brachial index (ABPI).
⦁ Neurological examination if required.
⦁ Discussion regarding foot pain or concerns.
⦁ Treatment if Core Podiatry required.