Multidisciplinary (MDT) Consultation

We now offer a Multidisciplinary (MDT) Consultation with Zoe Wilson (Lead MSK Podiatrist) and Jemma Donald (Lead Physiotherapist at Absolute Physiotherapist). We are thrilled to present this Multidisciplinary service to ZW Clinics.

Podiatrist & Physio in one room!

We now offer multidisciplinary (MDT) consultations with Zoe Wilson (Lead MSK Podiatrist) and Jemma Donald (Lead Physiotherapist at Absolute Physiotherapist). Ever wanted a joint approach to your assessment and treatment plan? Sometimes having both of us in the room at once allows questions to be answered that otherwise wouldn’t in a lone appointment. We believe this is a gold standard approach to assessment and it is something we are very proud to offer to our patients.

Consultation details...

Consultation Length

Up to 90 minutes

Consultation Cost


Who is suitable for this unique consultation?

Complex and multifaceted presenting issues

Athletes requiring a specific approach to rehab and foot related problems

A variety of lower limb issues all occurring at the same time


What will I need for my consultation?

It is important to have appropriate history revised as this will allow the Podiatrist to identify the problem and direct treatment more effectively. If you have any scan results, test results or referral notes from your GP or other health professional we suggest that these are also brought to the appointment.


A pair of shorts will be required and 1 to 2 pairs of shoes (occupation footwear/ a pair of activity shoes). Bring a selection of the shoes that you wear for any of the sporting activities you participate in.

Will need to bring

1 to 2 pairs of shoes.
Bring a pair of shorts
Medical History

About the physio

Jemma qualified as a chartered Physiotherapist in July 2004 from Birmingham University. She worked for the NHS at the Royal Preston Hospital for three years where she worked alongside leading spinal surgeons, lower limb and shoulder specialists gaining valuable experience in acute and chronic musculoskeletal and orthopaedic problems. During this time, she also worked for a private sports injury clinic where she furthered her knowledge and skills in sports injury assessment, treatment and prevention. In 2007 she moved back to her hometown of Penrith where she continued to work as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for the NHS. Jemma took over a private clinic in Penrith in 2007 before taking a break to start a family. In 2013 she set up 

Absolute Physiotherapy and now works part-time private and part-time NHS.
Since qualifying Jemma has undertaken extensive postgraduate study gaining a diploma in orthopaedic medicine, certificates in acupuncture, clinical pilates, biomechanics of the lower limb, orthotics, achilles tendinopathy treatment and dynamic taping. Currently she is studying towards a PGC in higher Education on a part-time basis. She has a specialist interest in biomechanics and uses her skills in analysis of movement to underpin her assessment and diagnosis.


What can I expect from the consultation?

You will receive a questionnaire prior to your appointment where, in brief, you will have the opportunity to provide us with some information about your condition.

This assessment is extremely thorough with explanation throughout. You may wish to bring a family member or friend to help absorb the information.

We tailor the assessment to the individual but may include the following:

Foot and lower limb posture assessment

Joint assessment

Muscle strength testing and stability assessments

Gait assessment which may include use of treadmill and pressure plate systems

Footwear assessment and recommendations

Treatment plan discussion

What may happen after this appointment?

Your treatment options will be discussed in this appointment and together we will make a plan about the best evidence based treatments for your condition.

These may include: Orthoses/Insoles, The Richie Brace, Rehabilitation programmes, Taping, RUN 3D Assessment, Shockwave Therapy, HOKA footwear advice, Steroid Injection Therapy, Consultant referral.



Orthoses / Insoles come in all shapes and sizes. We have an expert team specialising in the prescription of Custom made and over the counter devices. All Custom devices are Casted via 3D Scan, Foam Impression or Plaster of Paris.
Rehabilitation Programmes

Rehabilitation Programmes

We use specialist software and a multidisciplinary team who work together with you to achieve the best outcomes from your custom rehabilitation programme.
HOKA Footwear

HOKA Footwear

We stock a wide range of HOKA shoes ranging from everyday to off-trail outdoors. Come in and have a FREE fitting consult with an expert so that you get the right shoe for you. Did you know that Zoe Wilson was the first podiatrist to use this footwear along side treatments?
Exclusive to Cumbria
Run3D Gait Analysis

Run3D Gait Analysis

An entirely new way to view gait assessment. Our mission with this ground breaking technology is to show you the “whys” of what could be going wrong when you move. "The movement MRI".
*Once a Month
Podiatric Surgeon Consultation

Podiatric Surgeon Consultation

We are now offering Podiatric Surgery Consultations at the Kirkby Lonsdale Clinc with Mr George Flanagan. Get a surgeons opinion!
The Richie Brace

The Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is a type of AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) which is a specialist device for complex Foot & Ankle Pathologies. All Richie Braces will require Plaster of Paris Casting of the Foot & Ankle.
Shockewave Therapy

Shockewave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves creating a series of low energy acoustic waves that are directly delivered to an injury through contact with the skin via an ultrasound gel medium. Shockwaves are said to promote the body’s own healing response to injury.
Steroid Injection Therapy

Steroid Injection Therapy

Injections can be used in isolation or alongside other treatments to alleviate pain associated with arthritis, nerves, tendons and other associated foot and ankle structures.

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