Musculoskeletal (MSK) Consultation
Pain inside the foot or lower limb? Joint, muscle, tendon or difficulty when walking or performing your favourite activities? This is the appointment for you. We will conduct a full and thorough medical history before assessing your foot & lower limb pain and posture.

Consultation details…

Full MSK Assessment.

MSK appointments includes assessment of the foot and Lower limb in accordance with any ongoing pain and functional restriction that is affecting your activities or day to day life.

Consultation Cost


Consultation Length

Up to 1 hour

This appointment may be suitable to diagnose and treat the following conditions:

Forefoot  |  Midfoot pain  |  Rearfoot pain  |  Ankle Injuries  |  Leg injuries  |  Joint/ Tendon pain  |  Functional restriction  |  Sports Injury

What can I expect from the consultation?

You will receive a questionnaire prior to your appointment where, in brief, you will have the opportunity to provide us with some information about your condition.

We tailor the assessment to the individual but may include the following:

Foot and lower limb posture assessment  |  Joint assessment  |  Muscle strength testing and stability assessments  |  Gait assessment which may include use of treadmill and pressure plate systems  |  Footwear assessment and recommendations  |  Treatment plan discussion

This assessment is extremely thorough with explanation throughout. You may wish to bring a family member or friend to help absorb the information.

What will I need?

It is important to have appropriate history revised as this will allow the Podiatrist to identify the problem and direct treatment more effectively. If you have any scan results, test results or referral notes from your GP or other health professional we suggest that these are also brought to the appointment.
A pair of shorts will be required and 1 to 2 pairs of shoes (occupation footwear/ a pair of activity shoes). Bring a selection of the shoes that you wear for any of the sporting activities you participate in.

What happens after this appointment?

Your treatment options will be discussed in this appointment and together we will make a plan about the best evidence based treatments for your condition.

These may include: Orthoses/ Insoles, The Richie Brace, Rehabilitation programmes, Taping, RUN 3D Assessment, Shockwave Therapy, HOKA/ footwear advice, Steroid Injection Therapy, Consultant referral

Still unsure?

Are you still not sure which appointment you need? Give us a call today and one of our team will be happy to help talk you through the services and help get you to the right appointment.

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