Treatment for ingrown, distorted and/or fungal nails.

Treatment Cost

Starts from £465.00
Includes X 2 Follow Ups

Treatment Length


We know all too well how painful an ingrown toenail can be and how much it can impact on your life and activity level!
An offending section of an ingrown nail will often cause pain, inflammation and in some cases, infection. It is therefore imperative that this problem is treated in a timely and efficient manner to avoid further complication.
FACTS about ingrown toenails and their treatment!

  • Ingrown toenails Makes up 5% of all conditions treated by podiatrists
  • 96% success rate

What can I expect?

All procedures are performed under Local Anaesthetic meaning your toe will be completely numb during the procedure so no pain can be felt. We recommend bringing along some headphones and your favourite playlist so you can lie back and relax…

There are two possible methods of Nail surgery which include:

  • A Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) Where a small, thin section of the nail is removed. The area is then treated with a chemical called Phenol to ensure the nail does not grow back. PNA is performed in cases when only the edge of the nail is ingrowing and causing the main problem.
  • A Total Nail Avulsion (TNA) An identical procedure in many ways but we remove the entire nail. Performed in cases of extremely thickened and involuted toenails. A permanent solution to often more than one problem. In some cases, we will perform this procedure without Phenol for severe fungal infections and treat the recovering nail bed with an anti-fungal regimen to encourage normal, healthy re-growth.

An Initial appointment will ascertain whether this is a suitable procedure for you. Written consent and a pre-operative assessment are required. If the patient is under 16, consent must be signed by a parent/ guardian.

The cost of this service includes the procedure, post-operative visits of which there will be 2, post-operative dressings and advice pack.