Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthoses/insoles are often prescribed following a musculoskeletal assessment if required, for a variety of foot and lower limb complaints. This can range from custom made devices to modified pre-fabricated orthoses.

Treatment details...

Orthoses/insoles are much like the tyres on a car or bike. They provide a critical, biomechanical contact point for the human body. Orthoses can be helpful in assisting in off-loading of painful structures in the foot, ankle and lower leg. Orthoses may prevent pain and functional restriction for a lifetime or may be used as a shorter term tool during the rehabilitation process.

Product Costs

Prices vary. This will be discussed in your MSK analysis appointment. Prices depend on your prescription. Custom orthotic packages include cast/scan, fitting appointment and follow up appointment.

Your prescription

Our expert team are trained and consistently continue to develop on their knowledge and expertise in Orthotic prescription. We provide premium quality prefabricated orthoses and Custom made orthoses.


Custom made foot orthoses (CMFO) are made according to patient body weight, activity, footwear choices and pathology. The Custom device is entirely made to measure and perform to your exact individual needs. We work alongside a team of Podiatrists who manufacture the orthoses following an in depth assessment and clinical decision making process on the exact prescription that is right for you.


Prefabricated orthoses can be modified to the specification required however, they don’t tend to have the same resilience or performance as a CMFO. Prefabricated devices are useful in the early stages of some pathologies and may work as a precursor to determining the effectiveness of orthoses.

FAQ Orthoses/Insoles

The short answer is No. Orthoses interact differently with different shoes. The shape and construct of a shoe can determine how the orthoses then interact with the foot. We recommend having more than 1 pair. Often 1 for everyday shoes and 1-2 pairs for activities you take part in. We will work with you to make this process as simple as possible. 

This completely depends on the issue you present with. If orthoses assist function and pain by eliminating it when you wear them, we recommend to continue their use. Sometimes orthoses can be removed after your treatment period/rehab programme depending on your response to treatment.

Most of the time, no. If the devices are comfortable and you are able to do all the activities you wish to do with relative ease, then we like to keep things as they are. Modifications over time are sometimes required but this is entirely patient dependent and based on your clinician’s opinion at the time of review/follow-up.

This depends on use, activity and forces directed through the devices but we tend to say between 3 and 4 years if everything is going well.  We keep all of your prescription details on record so they can be ordered directly from our clinic at any time. Prefabricated devices often last a matter of months (6-12) before requiring replacement, this depends on patient body weight and deforming forces through the foot and lower limb.