Practice Accreditation

The Podiatry Practice Accreditation Program is a contemporary, evidence-based initiative that aligns with the six national safety and quality health service standards applicable to podiatry. This program aims to ensure best practice, maintain a high standard of care for patients, and enforce correct protocols and procedures for safe and effective practice within the profession. Accredited podiatry practices that have successfully completed this program are recognized as Accredited Podiatry Practices. These practices adhere to rigorous standards, benefiting both their members and patients.

Why do you need to know this?

The aim of the Practice Accreditation Scheme is to help ensure best practice, achieve a high standard of care to patients and to ensure the correct protocols and procedures are followed to practice safely and effectively within the profession. You can put your care, and trust in knowing that our clinic is trusted by The Royal College of Podiatry.

As an Accredited Practice, we have been audited to ensure that we:

  • Adhere to NICE guidelines.
  • All our decontamination processes and infection control are in place.
  • Adhere to all clinical standards set by the College of Podiatry.
  • Audit notes and that we have peer review scheme in place.
  • Comply with GDPR and patient confidentiality.
  • Have a clear fee structure.
  • Undertake in depth treatment planning.
  • Undertake onward referral to other specialisms including vascular, podiatric surgery, orthopaedic surgery, GP, physiotherapy, Diabetology.
  • Have safeguarding processes in place (adult and child).
  • And many more.

ZW Clinics is always trying to improve on it services and the user experience. We take pride in providing the best care possible and will help you on your journery to becoming pain free as best we can.

Have you had a positive experience? We would appreciate your opinion with leaving us a review. Reviews in healthcare enhance decision-making, promote evidence-based practices, and contribute to better patient outcomes. They are a vital part of maintaining high-quality care.

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We would like to say a special thank you to our very own Colette Grainger who carried out the process of gaining us the Accreditation.

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