We use specialist software and a multidisciplinary team to work together with you to achieve the best outcomes from your treatment.

Treatment Cost


Treatment Length


A rehabilitation programme may be assigned to you to assist your lower limb in improved function of the musculature that supports the foot, ankle and lower limb. It is paramount that you take the advice of your professional to complete the programme as advised. The programmes are delivered to improve your pain, functionality and are a vital aid in resolving your problem.

Your Podiatrist will prescribe and allocate appropriate exercises to your condition or may arrange or suggest onward referral to a Physiotherapist to manage any imbalances seen during your assessment. This may include tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints or nerves.

If your problem has been diagnosed as being related to a tendon, there will very unlikely be an occasion where a rehabilitation programme will not be assigned.

Your programme will be discussed during your appointment and explanations will be sent via an APP including the following:

  • Video demonstrations. 
  • Repetitions and Sets advised. 
  • Length of programme. 
  • An adherence checklist.