Run3D gait analysis uses infrared cameras to accurately measure the positions of markers attached to a person’s body. This data is used to create a 3D model and sophisticated software then calculates joint angles and velocities at the pelvis, hip, knee and ankle.
We feel very lucky to be exclusively offering this state of the art technology to Cumbria and surrounding areas.

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An entirely new way to view gait assessment.

What is Run 3D and why do you need to assess my gait in so much detail?

Gait is simply a pattern of walking and running. There are numerous reasons why you may have abnormal gait, or gait that could be causing an issue somewhere else in your body. As Podiatrists, we see patients on a daily basis having difficulty with walking/ running and other activities they enjoy as a result of their gait.

Our mission with this ground breaking technology is to show you the “whys” of what could be going wrong when you move so we can collaborate the ideal treatment plan for your recovery.

What goes on during the Run 3d analysis?

We will first of all prepare your limbs for the assessment by calibrating the system to your movement skeleton. We attach numerous different bands encompassing 39 anatomical markers required for the assessment. These will be reflected by the 3 highly advanced infrared cameras behind the treadmill. This process can take some time and requires close attention by our expert team to ensure everything will run smoothly (quite literally!) during the Run 3D assessment.
Make sure to bring shorts and any other items your health professional may have stipulated ahead of the assessment: Orthoses, different types of footwear if applicable. This will all be explained ahead of your appointment.
Runners: Bring everything you would need for a run!

What will I gain from this experience?
The data we collect can highlight issues related to balance/ weakness, increased motion in certain areas or even an error in technique. This will allow us to formulate a treatment plan that can specifically target your unique gait tendencies. This information can be used in referral pathways to other professionals and again, will highlight a targeted approach to recovery.

Faster recovery?

Well, in theory, YES! The sooner we find the issues, the sooner we can start recovery. The Run 3D analysis is able to offer runners and walker alike the opportunity for a brighter, faster future doing the things they love. We feel very lucky to be exclusively offering this state-of-the-art technology to Cumbria and surrounding areas.