Here at ZW clinics we see a whole host of tendon related issues. Tendons are renowned for being particularly poor in terms of their healing ability and often require additional help to be able to cope better with the demand that is placed on them. Tendons can become injured when overused/ used in the wrong way, or in some cases, underused. They do not respond to rest and tend to do get better from an appropriate loading regime and activity modification.


We often see cases of Achilles Tendinopathy in clinic. Achilles problems occur when there has been a change in intensity of training load. This condition can present at its origin, the myotendinous junction and attachment onto the calf muscle complex comprising of the Gastroc Nemius muscles bellies and Soleus. More commonly, the mid portion and in some cases the attachment of the achilles tendon onto the back of the heel bone (calcaneus).
It is imperative to assess the condition of the tendon ahead of treatment and the use of Ultrasound Imaging is considered the gold standard.

How can we treat it?

  • Shockwave Therapy.
  • Rehabilitation programmes.
  • Specific loading (eccentric).
  • Footwear modification.
  • Load modification.
  • Training modification.
  • High volume steroid injection.

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