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All our courses have been carefully selected to help improve knowledge and techniques for those who want to improve/implement MSK into their practices.


An Introduction To Prescribing The Richie Brace

30th - 31st March 2024

This course has been designed for those with an interest in developing their MSK (Musculoskeletal) skills and knowledge in management of complex Foot & Ankle Pathologies inclusive of the adult acquired Flatfoot, Foot Drop, chronic ankle instability/sport injury to name a few.

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"Podiatry as a profession has grown in a magnitude of ways in current years. Our expertise and field of vision is ever increasing and it is extremely exciting to see so many Podiatrists continuing to develop their professional knowledge and raise the bar of our amazing profession. As a new learning platform, we have loved having so much positivity surrounding the courses and look forward to welcoming you on the courses."

Founder and Course Lead, Zoe Wilson

Zoe Wilson

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